1. april 2012

The Day Care Centre

The Day Care Centre ’Den
Grønne Planet’ (Passive house)

The integrated kindergarten and nursery,
Den Grønne Planet, is situated in the
middle of Gyldenrisparken surrounded
by recreational areas. The day care centre
is built as a passive house and combines
marked architecture, eco labeled materials
and a green moss roof with a minimum
surface area, high insulation values
and an almost airtight envelope structure.
Large glazed sections face south to
provide optimal use of solar heating.
Windows facing north are few and small.

Southward sun screens and open façades prevent overheating. During winter
concrete walls and floor slabs store heat
and release it during the night. A highly
efficient ventilation system produces additional
heating when needed, and provides
night cooling for increased comfort
during summer.

The passive house reduces energy consumption
by approximately 75 % compared
to that of a contemporary traditional

The passive house had a total construction
budget of 5m £ and has room for 46
children in the nursery and 66 children in
the kindergarten.