10. juni 2012

Gyldenrisparken -


About Gyldenrisparken
Gyldenrisparken is a housing unit with 432 flats and approx. 900 residents. The unit is being administered by the housing association Lejerbo and was built from 1964 to 1966 as a typical precast structure.

Since 2008 the flats of Gyldenrisparken has gone through a comprehensive renovation and a social master plan running simultanously has given the area a social boost and helped the residents safely through the renovation.

The Renovation
Gyldenrisparken was worn down over the years. The result was damages on concrete, doors and entrances as well as draughty windows. Consequently, Lejerbo in Copenhagen, the residents of Gyldenrisparken and the City of Copenhagen devised a plan for an extensive renovation. The goal was to upgrade the area to modern standards through facade renovation, better insulation and new doubleglazed windows with sun filter.

It is important to notice the decision-making process: no approval from the residents – no renovation. This is how the democracy in the Danish social housing system works.

Besides the decision-making process, the residents were also directly involved in the renovation plans. For instance it was due to a wish from the residents, that the balconies were enlarged, and the children from Gyldenrisparken were active participants in the design and planning of the recreational areas, playgrounds, football field etc.

A part of the renovation was the merging of 80 small studio and 1 bedroom flats into 44 larger residences. This way more resourceful families were complied to move in to the housing unit.

The close cooperation with the City prompted an agreement following which Lejerbo Copenhagen built, and now lets, a day care center for children and a nursing home for 81 senior citizens to the City.

Included in the renovation was a focus on sustainability and reducing carbon dioxide emission. For this purpose Gyldenrisparken has established a new low-energy launderette with tumblers powered by natural gas – the first of its kind. Every apartment has also been installed with separate water meters.

The flats in Gyldenrisparken has been renovated for 50m £
This corresponds to approx. 112,000£ on average per flat. A similar new construction in the Copenhagen area would cost on average 170,000£ per flat.

The renovation of the flats, day care centre, children’s centre and the nursing home has a total budget of 84m £.

National Building Fund
A big part of the financing of the project has taken place through the National Building Fund. The National Building Fund is an independent institution founded in 1966, of which all Danish housing associations are members. All residents in social housing associations in Denmark pay a small member’s fee to the national Building Fund through their rent. The money in the fund is, among other things, being used on renovation projects and social master plans such as Gyldenrisparken’s.

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